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players i fell in love with during the world cup:

antoine griezmann, france nt

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"He makes it look easy. He is a defender who imposes his strength, his heading, his anticipation. He is ‘Mr. Clean’ and in addition to that, he is a real leader." 

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Mesut Özil over the years - asked by Jen

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when u sneeze in front of your pet and they look like you’ve just offended their great ancestors


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Custard Filled Sugar Coated Doughnuts; This Is First Class ♔

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Stay Classy 

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♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡

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I know sometimes you feel like you have had your canvas ripped out of this art museum called Life, and I know you sometimes feel like a smudge on a painted picture. But even if you have smudges from sloppy artists, and even if you have black paint where you were once shining white, and even if you are sometimes drowning in the paint of all the artists that have left you, you are still an abstract painting that is far from complete. There will be times when you will finally feel whole, but this is only the tip of your canvas, and the same goes for when you feel unfinished. You are still only at the tip of your canvas. You will fluctuate between these colors constantly, and this is the slow process of art. There are so many artists that will come in your life and leave prettier marks than the sloppy mistakes. And right now, I know you are drowning in paint, and I know you are ready to break all of the paint brushes that allow you and others to paint on your canvas. I know you feel like black paint is all that covers you. But please, hold on, because you are far from finished, and someday you will see that the black paint helped add contrast to your colorful abstract. —Your canvas is still so blank, there is still so much time left. (via dollpoetry)
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